Square 1 Coffee

Local business
A branding shift that led to massive growth and popularity for the café.
Square 1 Coffee was founded by Brandy & Jonathon Brozny in Edmonton, Alberta. They started a café to serve specialty coffee, but without excluding people who didn't understand or value it. When they launched, they quickly put together a logo themselves and started the business. By the time we found them, they had hit a ceiling in their initial growth trend, and needed something to help break them out of the slump. That's when we made some big branding changes, and set a new visual direction.
The custom lettering used to create the brand wordmark.
We went through a lot of different logos in our exploration of what the brand could be. While a lot of them were strong, both the client and our team were waiting for the one that felt just right. So when this wordmark was sketched out on paper, we rushed over to present it because there was something so pure about it that represented the brand. It was elegant, yet friendly. Exactly what we were looking for.
We're currently working on their website, check back later for the updated case study. Since they had absolutely no website prior to us arriving, we quickly threw up a landing page to make sure that people wouldn't find nothing when they looked up the shop. The landing page itself gains a lot of attention, but a fully functional website is needed to convert that attention into sales and attaining more business goals. As part of the new website launch, we filmed some footage to cut together as a background video.
The photography helped build brand, and keep the café top of mind.
The visuals had to showcase what the café had to offer, as well as build brand and provide a consistent flow of information to the market so that Square 1 would be top of mind, as well as delivering value. We used Social Media platforms to engage with people and increased following by over 2000+ people.
Illustrations were all done with sketching and inkwork, before being made digital, for use on the website and in any collateral print + further branding related work. We focused on coffee leaves for the website, and fun little coffee brewing apparatus for print collateral. Again, adding that dimension to the storytelling of the business.
We understand how small businesses are often restricted in what they can do with their brand by tight budgets. That's why we've created some low-cost options. It's our way of giving back, especially to those who are taking new risks and starting amazing ventures - but need a bit of help along the way.
It's always a joy to see our clients reach greater levels of success, and we're thankful to be a part of their story.
"We love the direction you took our brand in."
- Brandy & Jonathon Brozny

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