Fraser River Fishermen

Building a strong new brand.
An exploration of positioning
a new guided fishing tour company.
Fraser River Fishermen was founded by Daniel Shenk, who developed a deep love for fishing and guiding people. He needed a way to showcase his business, generate interest and book clients. That's where we came in to help build his brand. He needed a refreshed logo as part of the visual identity needed for a website.
The custom lettering used to create the brand wordmark.
We chose to create a completely custom hand-lettered font, to reflect the history of aquatic businesses, where logos were often painstakingly painted onto boats and ships, and often needed to be touched up as the weather and water would slowly wear them down.
For the website, we needed to differentiate Fraser River Fishermen from the competition - and decided to go with a large, beautiful background video to grab the attention of anyone visiting, and drive home the understanding that this was a guided fishing experience. This feature instantly separates Daniel from the competition, as most of the other guides do not have modern websites.
The photography added dimension to the story
The visuals we chose to begin with had to showcase a bit of the experience - so that site visitors would be drawn into the world for a moment, with the goal of increasing interest in the guided tours. None of the photography is staged, as we wanted to capture the candid moments on the boat.
Illustrations were all done with sketching and inkwork, before being made digital, for use on the website and in any collateral print + further branding related work. Again, adding that dimension to the storytelling of the business.
We understand how small businesses are often restricted in what they can do with their brand by tight budgets. That's why we've created some low-cost options. It's our way of giving back, especially to those who are taking new risks and starting amazing ventures - but need a bit of help along the way.
Overall, we were able to build a strong brand for our client, who was extremely happy with how it turned out, and got a lot of positive feedback on his website.
"So many people love the website you made for us.
Everyone is saying it's amazing! Thank you!"
- Daniel Shenk, Founder

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